Non-Profit Grants

As you can imagine, we receive many funding requests for many worthy causes from many non-profit foundations.  As much as we'd like to accommodate all the requests, it's just not possible.  Understanding your project, assessing the benefits and beneficiaries, and compatability with Legacy CDC's mission become critical elements in setting funding priorites.  We welcome you to fill out the attached Grant Application for this purpose.


Personal Growth Grants

Legacy CDC seeks to "feed the hungry today, help them to feed themselves tomorrow".  Although we focus on funding non-profit foundations that further this mission, and providing jobs and training for disadvantaged groups, we also recognize the needs of the individual who seeks to better support their family through education, training, and self improvement.  We especially value the individual that commits to give back to his community after receiving such help. If you desire consideration for your personal growth goals, please complete the attached Personal Growth Grant applications.


Job Training Application

Community residence that have an interest in Legacy CDC's Professional Development Program, Technical Skills Program, or Entrepreneur Program please fill out this application and submit to Legacy CDC.