Professional Development

Ready, Set, Go!

PAK Legacy has created a Professional Development Program, called Ready, Set, Go, which is a uniquely designed model to help youth, adults, and small business owners to develop the skills they need to assist with a smooth transition to the workforce, higher education and community-economic development. The program offered, through several courses, guides students through employability skill activities that are covered in four levels of the program. If you have an interest in the Profession Development Program please complete the Job Training Application.

Level 1

  • Establish career goals/Define future occupations
  • Discover self-motivation technique
  • Establish short-term goals/Professional Development Plan
  • Administer Personality Tests

Level 2

  • Engage in a team negotiation activity
  • Identify effective communication skills
  • Identify and apply conflict resolution skills
  • Develop personal financial skills
  • Observe and critique a meeting

Level 3

  • Develop Resume
  • Organize employment portfolio
  • Interviewing skills training
  • Predict employment trends
  • Develop Presentation Skills

Level 4

  • Develop a relationship with a mentor
  • Job Application Assistance
  • Completion Ceremony and Certificate

Additional Courses

Technical Skills

PAK Legacy provides a hands-on real world application of technical skills. For example, instructors of PAK Legacy offer free Computer Aided Design and Geographical Information System workshops pursuant to its Technical Skills Training. Upon completion of the training, students are able to design basic floor plans as well as have a basic understanding of navigating and operating the Auto-Cad application. Most recently, PAK Legacy had 5 individuals complete the workshop and PAK placed all 5 individuals in jobs in the CAD industry.

PAK Legacy’s “Geographic Information Systems in Professional Applications” is part of our “Bridging the Gap” series whereby we have professionals from relevant industries share with students, recent graduates, or individuals interested in the field. The purpose of this workshop is to bridge the gap between school and real world applications. It included an overview of field data collection equipment and techniques used for capturing geospatial data, basic discussion of common skills every GIS professional should know and also presentations by a Project Managers describing DoD customer requests, including contracting and deliverable requirements.


PAK Legacy’s Entrepreneurship Training is an introductory course designed to familiarize students to the nature of entrepreneurship as the vehicle for economic development by producing goods and services for a profit. This course concentrates on the process of starting a new business, analyze the personal strengths and weaknesses of students relative to launching a career in entrepreneurship, evaluation of business, skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and reviews the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Students will learn how to identify, assess and develop a business plan as well as how to find and evaluate business opportunities. Attention is given to planning, financing, and basic business law. Emphasis is on different forms of business organizations including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures and not-for-profit ventures. Through our partner at Catalyst Center in Huntsville, PAK is able to sponsor individuals in PAK’s program to attend workshops hosted by the Catalyst Center.

Microsoft Office & Excel

PAK Legacy offers Microsoft Office and excel training because it is absolutely critical to a functioning workplace, and as such, employers expect entry-level employees to have a working knowledge of them — especially when it comes to basic programs like Word and PowerPoint.