PAK Legacy CDC is a social welfare based non-profit.  We are a Department of Treasury certified Community Development Entity. We focus on the assets, capabilities, and skills of our community to craft opportunities for segments of our society.

PAK Legacy CDC engages in economic development through its job training courses, job creating subsidiaries, job placement and entrepreneurship development program. 

PAK Legacy offers a turn-key, cradle to grave employment program by identifying the low-to-moderate income neighborhoods, establishing training courses in those neighborhoods, creating jobs, and facilitating participants into employment. 

PAK Legacy performs demographics studies to identify poverty stricken neighborhoods. PAK then establishes an advisory board of individuals that are either residents of the community, employed in the community, or business owners in the community. The advisory board assists in identifying and recruiting candidates in the neighborhood for our development program and reports to the governing on its progress.

Once a neighborhood is identified, PAK establishes a presence in the neighborhood and institutes its Professional Development Program. All of the courses are free and PAK Legacy provides childcare for children of our candidates during their coursework.  PAK Legacy tracks its progress through a quantifiable metric called “The 1-1-1 Model” .”With this model, PAK commits 1 Year to assist 1 Community to bring 1% Above Poverty through job placement. 

In partnership with our subsidiaries and local businesses, PAK strives to create jobs for our candidates through job placement.

PAK also offers entrepreneurship classes to teach low-to-moderate income individuals the ins and outs of starting and growing a business and core skills in finance, insurance, business law, cash flow, and marketing. The participants of the entrepreneurship classes are either current small business owners or those desiring to start a business. Providing core skills to fledgling businesses in low-to-income areas creates much needed jobs in low to moderate income communities.


Brendan Prince
Executive Director

Reginald Robinson
Operations Coordinator

Conner Morriss
Compliance Director

Ngozi Ajufo
Community Outreach Coordinator

Governing Board

Karlis Binns

Sharita Baker

Brendan Prince

Advisory Board

Maleeka Hollaway

Reginald Lewis

Kiara Potts

Kyle King